IPad or wait for IPad 2

I must admit, I’m tempted to buy an Apple iPad. However, it could be prudent to wait a while. Maybe until the iPad 2 arrives.

Apple has achieved wonders with the iPad, of that there is no doubt. The design is fantastic, as it always is with Apple devices; the UI is both familiar and easy-to-use, even by a 2-year-old;
iPad apps are already showing promise, and look set to be as important to the Apple tablet as they are to the iPhone and iPad Touch.

However, if Apple follows its usual pattern, and there’s no reason to suppose otherwise, the iPad 2 will be with us by early next year. So would it be better to wait for the iPad 2? Possibly, and here is why…

The iPad 2 will likely be cheaper, lighter, have a better battery life, and have more features. Many of the disappointing aspects of the iPad will likely be fixed. The iPad 2 will have multitasking capabilities straight out of the box.
The addition of a camera is almost guaranteed, and is likely one of the things Apple purposely held back from the original iPad. The other big advantage to waiting is that you’ll get an idea of what the competition is doing.

So what to do….

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