Date:October 21, 2012

iPad and Android tablet app for ToysXL

ToysXL is a chain of toy superstores in the Netherlands. The landscape for retailers like ToysXL is rapidly moving towards on-line and App based activities. iPad and Tablets are increasingly popular in home settings and kids of all ages use them regularly. Therfore an iPad and Android tablet app was a logical step for ToysXL. In August 2012 ToysXL approached us to help them take their first steps into the world of mobile and tablet apps.


Develop an App that is intuitive and fun for a diverse age group.
Connect the central concept in the app to the ToysXL brand and marketing campaign “De grote verlanglijst” without annoying parents with overt sales triggers.
Deliver an app which is genuinely useful for the intended audience (kids age 3-11).
Short time to market: Start to finish in 6 weeks, launch well before the Christmas season.
Deliver for not just the high-end Samsung tablets, but also for mid to low-end Android devices that are increasingly popular and are sold in the ToysXL stores.

What we (itudeMobile) did:

  • Lead ToysXL through the App lifecyle process from idea to end-product.
  • Test with kids!
  • Native iPad and Android tablet implementation. Re-use of code between platforms to minimize development effort.
  • Develop partial back-end and integrate with existing back-end systems



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