What to expect from Android Ice Cream Sandwich

After Honeycomb, the new Android software development kit (SDK) version is called Ice Cream Sandwich, as announced at the Google I/O event in San Francisco. Is should merge the best of Honeycomb and Gingerbread together.

So let’s take a closer look what we can expect.

Getting that Honeycomb look

Features of Honeycomb will be available to Android phone users like slick holographic user interface, an updated app launcher and the interactive homescreen widgets. Also we can look forward to using the multi-task bar currently located at the bottom of the HoneyComb tablet OS.

New developer API

It will be possible for building apps for tablet, phones and other connected devices under the same framework. That should help the rollout of Android apps across different hardware platforms to be done all at the same time. And don’t forget that you can develop for GoogleTV (finally).


Developers will be able to play with a 3D display system that can track movement and detect the position of a person’s head, nose and eyes, like Kinect.

Music and movies

Integrated will be the cloud music service (first only available in beta to our American friends), This will give you the possibility to share playlists instantly across all Android devices. Also rent a movie direct from the Android market.

NFC sharing

You’ll be able to share web pages, contacts, YouTube videos and more by the power of Near Field Communication. Ok, like Bump, but without having to open up an application or having to be make your phone or tablet physically be in contact with another one.

Finally the release date will be the October. For those who can’t wait, have a look at this video:

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